3 Ways to Find the Right Real Estate Attorney During Florida’s Boom

To say the Florida real estate market is on fire may be an understatement. With most listings receiving multiple bids, rumor has it people are taking to desperate measures to get3-ways-to-find-the-right-real-estate-attorney-during-floridas-boom their offers accepted and are quickly signing sales contracts. Real estate attorneys, however, caution that quickly signing a real estate contract in the heat of the moment can have serious and costly repercussions down the road. If you are in the market to buy or sell a house in Florida, how do you find a good real estate attorney? Let us review three ways to find the right real estate attorney.

1. Use a local attorney. When negotiating a contract for a real estate purchase, it may be wise to find an attorney in the area where you are purchasing. A local real estate attorney may be more likely to be well-versed in the local laws and ordinances which will guide the terms of the contract. Additionally, if you are purchasing a home where there is a homeowners association, there may be a good chance that a local attorney has reviewed and negotiated real estate contracts for other homes within the association and are familiar with their requirements. Perhaps of even greater benefit will be the relationships a local attorney may have with the local real estate agents and the seller’s attorney, which will facilitate a smoother and quicker closing on your new property.

2. Do your research. When looking for a Florida real estate attorney, asking friends and colleagues for a local referral can be a great starting place, as someone who has worked with the attorney can be a great source of feedback on how efficient and effective the attorney was for him or her. Once you have some names, it may be a good idea to go online to check out the attorneys’ reviews and online presence. This may alert you to any red flags regarding the attorney and also give you an idea of his or her personality to begin to determine if the attorney may be a good fit. Once you have identified an attorney you are interested in working with, consider interviewing and asking the attorney about his or her experience.

3. Get pre-approved. With Florida real estate attorneys busier than ever, they may require or prefer pre-approval. If you are a serious buyer, make sure to get pre-approved by the mortgage lender, so that when you are ready to go to contract, there are no holdups. With your dream house picked and lending lined up, you may be the ideal client for a real estate attorney.

Following these tips should help you secure a qualified real estate attorney, who can assure the deal is closed, so you can enjoy your dream home in the Sunshine State. For assistance with real estate matters, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.