Yovannie Rodriguez


Yovannie Rodriguez is a partner in the firm’s Corporate, Government Relations, Public Finance and Real Estate practice areas. She is also the founding partner of the Airport and Strategic Management Consulting practice area. Her practice is focused primarily in development of collaborative decision making and efficiencies. Her experience and knowledge in management and strategic projects creates an environment for “win-win” scenarios.

Yovannie is a national advisor for FAA civil rights programs. As the former Deputy General Counsel to Orlando International Airport she has counseled on an extensive capital improvement program involving infrastructure development including an intermodal complex, a terminal complex and transportation infrastructure, development of procurement plans, assisting with public meetings for procurements while abiding by public records and sunshine laws, and risk management mitigation. Born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, Yovannie has been practicing law in the Orlando area since being admitted to the Florida Bar in 1999.