Estate Planning

Orlando Estate Planning Attorneys

Our estate planning attorneys in Orlando are dedicated to helping our clients develop an estate plan to best preserve their wealth, mitigate tax liability and protect their businesses and families. Our estate planning attorneys design and implement creative plans tailored to our clients’ personal estate planning goals and counsel clients on the best techniques to address business succession, asset preservation and transfers of assets upon death and disability. Oftentimes, people have the misconception that only the uber wealthy or those later in life need to have an estate plan. However, we know, and have seen in practice, that people of all ages and income levels can benefit greatly from the advice and guidance of an experienced estate planning lawyer. Circumstances can arise, sometimes unexpectedly, in connection with an individual’s health and/or finances that can create a great deal of stress, expense and frustration for family members. Much of this can be mitigated, or avoided entirely, simply by having an estate planning lawyer implement a will and/or trust, a health care surrogate designation, a living will, and a durable power of attorney.

Without a simple will or trust, the inheritance laws (laws of intestacy) determine how property will be distributed in Florida upon death. Even without heirs or immediate relatives, it is important to have an estate plan in place to avoid your property being put into the hands of the state and at the mercy of the court system. Our attorneys have vast experience dealing with a variety of financial assets that generally make up a client’s portfolio. We also provide advice on how best to avoid litigation for our clients and ensure adherence to the various complex state and federal laws and regulations.

The Florida estate planning lawyers at Watson Sloane understand that estate planning is a lifelong process. We help clients in Orlando and throughout Florida with all of their estate plan needs, and we attempt to customize the process, which varies greatly from simple to complicated, based on each clients’ individual needs. Our Orlando estate planning attorneys also work closely with our business and tax attorneys to develop integrated estate and business succession plans designed to avoid business interruption for those clients who own businesses.