Real Estate

Orlando Real Estate Lawyers

Our Orlando real estate attorneys have significant experience and knowledge about all aspects of commercial and residential real estate. We understand that the primary goal of our clients is typically to make and close the deal, so we use innovative, yet practical, solutions to achieve those objectives.

We advise our clients on a wide variety of real estate matters, including the negotiation of purchase agreements and finance documents, land use and zoning matters, review of due diligence materials and the closing of transactions. Our commercial real estate clients include investors and developers of commercial properties involved in acquisitions, entitlements, zoning and land use and environmental issues, and both landlords and tenants involved in the negotiation of commercial leases for shopping centers, outparcel retail locations and industrial and office space. Working hand-in-hand with our Corporate/Business Transactions attorneys, we also assist both developers and investors in entity selection and formation, as well as capital raising transactions and real estate joint ventures.

Residential Real Estate Closings

Are you looking to purchase, sell or refinance your Florida home? While it is true that you can close your residential real estate transaction without involving an attorney, why would you want to? Non-lawyers don’t have the same ethical obligations that attorneys have, nor do they possess the legal knowledge or expertise, nor do they have the ability to provide legal advice. We find over and over again that the minimal savings obtained by using non-lawyers to close real estate transactions, or by using “do it yourself” forms often results in disputes and legal issues the costs of which dwarf the amount it would have cost to do things right on the front end.

How Can Watson Sloane’s Real Estate Lawyers Assist With Your Closing?

There are a number of important closing details that our Orlando real estate law firm can handle on your behalf. For example, your attorney can help you secure clear title for the property, such that you are ensured you obtain clear title, free and clear of third party liens and claims. We have seen numerous times that purchasers are unaware of title related issues until such time as they subsequently attempt to sell the property they purchased. They purchase title policies that have exceptions that swallow the coverage and then they get a claim and have no title insurance for that claim. Years have often passed, memories have often faded, and people with knowledge are not easily found. These legal issues cause delay and impose expense and may tank a subsequent deal among other things. Yet they could have been avoided on the front end if things were done right.

Your attorney can also review all of the documents related to the sale. This way, you will be able to spot any hidden fees or closing costs that you were not initially aware of. You will also be able to detect any other issues, such as liens that were previously unknown to you.

Your lawyer will also record the sale and distribute the necessary funds at the end of the process. This way, the sale will be fully documented and completely free of potential legal mishaps. Fraud is a real problem and we’ve seen far too many times that people have been victimized by bad actors in real estate or other transactions. Sometimes that fraud is committed by a third party and sometimes that fraud is committed by another party to the transaction or a closing agent. These risks are real and they are not worth blindly assuming.

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