Thinking About Selling Your Home? How a Real Estate Lawyer Can Answer All Your Questions

Has your family size recently increased or decreased? Do you need more space for your work-from-home business? There are a variety of reasons that lead to the purchase and sale of homes. If you are looking to put your house on the market, there are several steps to take before you can do so. One major decision is whether or not to hire an attorney to assist along the way. You may not think that a lawyer is necessary, but oftentimes there are legal components or issues that arise which require the counsel of an experienced real estate professional. The Watson Sloane law firm can provide the legal support you require for starting this process and guidance all the way through to closing the transaction. Our Orlando real estate attorneys can help you focus on what is important as you prepare to sell your home.

What documents will I need?
As with selling anything, there should be documentation that shows the terms, who the parties are, and what the sale price is. Real estate attorneys in Orlando can advise which documents you will need to have ready in order to make the sale. They will also review them for accuracy and completion.

Who is responsible for repairs?
A homeowner may be unsure if repairs are their responsibility or that of the buyer. The duty to repair the home typically is the homeowner’s once an inspection has taken place. However, based on the nature of the agreement, it can be either the homeowner or buyer who has to make repairs to the home.

How can I make sure the sale is finalized?
Once all of the steps have been taken, the sale needs to be finalized. An Orlando FL real estate law firm will review all of the documents related to the sale to make sure that you have fulfilled all of the requirements.

Once you are ready to buy or sell a residential property, you can rely on our central Florida real estate team to guide you through the process. Contact the Watson Sloane law firm to manage all of your legal real estate needs.