Why You Need an Outside General Counsel

Does the legal department of your business need supplemental support? Has your business been without an in-house legal department? In either event, retaining outside general counsel services can be necessary to protect the well-being and continued growth of your business. Let us go over some of the reasons your business may need outside general counsel.Why-You-Need-an-Outside-General-Counsel

• Proactively avoid problems and lawsuits. With outside general counsel assisting you, the potential vulnerabilities of your business can be analyzed and protected accordingly. By proactively putting legal protections in place for your business, you can avoid costly problems and exposure to lawsuits.

• Reduce your legal spending. When you are proactive in analyzing the vulnerabilities and potential exposure to legal liability of your business, you end up reducing your legal spending.

• Maximize efficiency of business operations.  Some legal departments can cause log-jams in business processes. Retaining outside general counsel can help streamline the process. Furthermore, outside general counsel can also analyze other bottlenecks in your business and come up with workable solutions to help maximize operational efficiency.

• Effectively develop and implement business strategies.  Outside counsel can refrain from trying to dictate business decisions to you and instead provide counsel and legal advice on making better business decisions and how to most effectively implement the business decisions that will be made as well as how to mitigate any risks associated with them.

If your business is looking for any of the benefits that can be gained through retaining outside general counsel, the dedicated team at our firm is here to help. We use our prior experience serving in senior legal positions within large multinational corporations and governmental entities to best serve the needs of our clients. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.