John R. Stokes

Retired Partner

John Stokes, as a retired partner attorney formerly in the Public Finance practice group, draws upon his extensive experience in public finance to act as a resource in all aspects of municipal and local government finance, including private activity bonds. John has represented clients in a variety of financings, with a particular focus on school district, healthcare, county, municipality, special district, higher education, charter schools, senior living and related financings. He has been involved as bond counsel, disclosure counsel, underwriters counsel and special counsel in his representations of issuers, lenders, borrowers, trustees and underwriters for over 34 years.

John has significant experience in the healthcare field, providing financing services to major hospitals and healthcare conglomerates throughout Florida. He has also been one of the primary Florida attorneys to provide finance-related services to school districts, senior care and housing owners and operators. John has been involved as bond counsel and disclosure counsel to city and county governments, districts and authorities in virtually all types of municipal and industrial development projects. He has also provided bond and underwriter’s counsel services in connection with the financing of senior care facilities within Florida, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, Minnesota and Tennessee.