Watson Sloane Partner Vivien Monaco Receives Hamilton “Chip” Rice Award

MAY 1, 2021 – News Release

The H. Hamilton “Chip” Rice, Jr. Award is awarded annually by the Florida Bar’s City, County and Local Government Law Section to recognize a local government attorney who has served the Section with distinction.  Watson Sloane Partner, Vivien Monaco, was honored by her peers when she was presented with this award for her distinguished service in mentoring and educating future local government lawyers.

At this year’s awards presentation, David C. Miller, who serves as Chair of the Florida Bar City, County and Local Government Section, remarked “The H. Hamilton “Chip” Rice Award is given by the Section to a lawyer who has served the Section and his or her colleagues by mentoring and educating new lawyers in the field of local government law. I have known and watched and applauded this year’s recipient for decades, for longer than I am comfortable admitting, and from before I became a lawyer. This person has been a teacher both informally, in her practice, and formally, as an adjunct professor of law. This year’s recipient has been employed in both the public and private sectors, but always in our field of local government law. This person is a past chair of the Section and is a recipient of the Section’s Paul S. Buchman Award. This person possesses natural mentoring skills, which I believe flow from a warm heart, an open and welcoming personality, and a keen intellect. I personally was mentored by her, long ago when she was editor-in-chief of Stetson Law Review in the year I first was selected as a member, and then when she encouraged me to join the Executive Council of our section, years ago. I am greatly pleased to announce that the 2020 Chip Rice Award goes to Vivien Monaco.”

Vivien is a partner in Watson Sloane’s Finance, Government Relations, Land Use & Zoning and Real Estate groups and is Board-Certified by the Florida Bar in City, County and Local Government Law. Prior to joining the firm, Vivien served as an Assistant County Attorney for the Orange County Attorney’s Office for 15 years. In addition to her practice, Vivien serves as an Adjunct Professor at Barry University School of Law in the areas of Florida constitutional law and land use law.